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英语写作练习:A letter for advice

Dear Miss Wang,

I’m a student from GuiZhou Experimental High School. I have a problem. I argued with my best friend Lisa for some very tiny things and said some bad words to her a few days ago. Then, we never talk to each other any more.Now, I feel quite lonely sometimes and don’t want to lose my best friend. I know she must be hurt by my words, and I am not sure that she still want to be my friend or not? I do want to change this situation, but I don’t know how. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice.

Yours,Jim What is Jim’s problem? If you were Miss Wang, what would you say?Dear Jim,(写作模板) I'm glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to(引出主题). Here are a few suggestions. First, it is important to . Then, it also helps to. Besides, it should be a good idea to . You can also . (此三句不同的句式提出建议) As to , I suggest(有时根据需要具体到某一反面). In addition, (其他建议). I'm sure (预测可能的结果,给对方以行动的信心和决心). I'm looking forward to (表达愿望).

Sincerely yours,

Miss Wang

英语建议信格式提出建议常用句型I suggest that… Why not do…?Why don’t you do…? You would better do/ not do… If I were you,I would…… It seems to me that you could…… I think it would be more beneficial if you could……I feel that it would be beneficial if… You may consider doing… As you may agree thatI would like to suggest that…


I hope that my suggestions are helpful for your decision-making anyway.

I would be more than happy to see improvement in this regard.

I believe that you will take my suggestions into serious account.

I would be ready to discuss about this matter with you to further details.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your studies/work! 写作中常用连接词:

(1)表选择关系或对等关系的连接词:either…or…,neither…nor, or, as well as…, and, both…and…

(2)表因果关系或对等关系的连接词:therefore, so, as a result, as the result of …,because of, due to …,owing to, thanks to等。

(3)表时间顺序的连接词:the moment, as soon as, at first, then, later, meanwhile, at the beginning, in the end, before long, for the first(second…)time, the minute等。

(4)表转折关系的连接词:yet, and yet, but , while, on the contrary, on the other hand, however, at the same time(然而)等。

(5)表解释说明的连接词:that is, that is to say, in other words, such as, for instance, and so on, etc. and the like等。

(6)表递进关系的连接词:not only…but (also), what’s more, what's worse, besides, in addition, worse still, moreover, above all等。

(7)表示总结的连接词:in a word, on the whole, in short, briefly, in brief, to sum up, in all 练习:假定你是李华,你的英国朋友Peter来信向你咨询如何才能学好中文。请你根据下列要点写回信。 要点:⑴ 参加中文学习班;⑵ 看中文书刊、电视; ⑶ 学唱中文歌曲; ⑷ 交中国朋友。


Dear Peter,

Best wishes,

Li Hua

篇二:英语 建议信 写作指导及模板


建议信 (Letter of suggestion)


(1) 建议信写作注意事项



(2) 写作方法

① 首段:

a. 简介自己,不要罗嗦;

b. 说明目的,注意语气。

② 主体:

a. 提出具体建议;

b. 首先肯定优点,再写改进内容,否则变成投诉信;

c. 经常进行交流,注意对方感受,时时提到你和我,否则容易跑题写成议论文,因为内容与议论文相似。

③ 尾段:总结建议,注意礼貌,易于接受。

(3) 写作流程图




(1) 来信收到,得知你下个月要对中国进行一次为期十天的访问,我建议…… I have received your letter saying that you plan to have a visit to China for ten days next month. I recommend that……

(2) 写此信是要提出我对饭店管理进一步提高和改进的建议——建立我们自己


I am writing to you to present what I think on the further improvement of our

hotel so as to establish a website of our own to attract more clients.




I’d like to suggest that ……

May I suggest that……

In my opinion ……

I would like to make a recommendation that …

I am writing to advise you of ……

If I were you, I would ……



(1) 请仔细考虑我的建议,谢谢。

Please take good consideration of my advice. Thanks.


Writing(30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a letter. Suppose you are Zhang Ying. Write a letter to Xiao Wang, a schoolmate of yours who is going to visit you during the summer holiday for a week. You should write at least 100 words according to the suggestions given below in Chinese.

1、表示欢迎。2、提出对度假安排的建议。 3、祝愿


Dear ,

① I am very ______ to know that . ① 写信的原因 ② I'm looking forward to.② 表示欢迎

③ I'm afraid that ③ 表述建议理由 ④ I'd like to suggest that first……then _ . ④ 提出建议

⑤ I believe this kind of arrangement will________________⑤ 有说服力

⑥ Moreover,if _____________ , ⑥ 补充建议

⑦ It is necessary for you to. ⑦ 提出建议 ⑧ With_______________you will .⑧ 建议理由

⑨ Wish_____________________________⑨祝愿

A Letter to a Schoolmate

June 23rd, 2001

Dear Xiao Wang, that you are soon

coming to Beijing to join me in the summer holiday.第一段表示欢迎

If you can stay in Beijing only for a week, 表明建议的原因 that you will have a

tight schedule 语气亲切,符合说话人身份关系

historic interest.

叙述词和副词 places that you such as 一目了然 the Palace Museum, the Summer Place(颐和园), the Great

Wall; you can visit those places you think less then使文章结构 important.

will make you have enough time to appreciate(欣赏) 使自己的安排具有说服力 what you really want to see. really want to be a good

traveler, read some 建议有理有据 books about these places before you come to see them with your own eyes. more knowledge

about these places, have a better

understanding of Chinese history and culture.

I am eager to meet you soon in Beijing.

in advance a pleasant trip to Beijing.表达良好的祝愿,符合文体要求

Best wishes!

Yours ever,




1. 菜价昂贵,菜市单一;2. 排队时间长,浪费午休时间;3. 味道不佳,浪费现象严重。

注意:1. 词数不少于120; 2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数;3. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 参考词汇: 食堂 canteen Dear Principal,

Recently, many students are discussing the problems of the canteen. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I sincerely hope you can adopt my suggestions. Thank you!

Yours, Li Hua

作文范文: Dear Principal,

Some students think the prices of the dishes are too high and that the choices are too limited. Another concern is that the time spent in waiting is so long that we have less time to have a rest. Meanwhile, some students think that the taste of the food is awful, which leads to a lot of waste. the prices be more reasonable and the choices of dishes be more various.需注意的词汇、表达:

1. delicious waiting taste(n.味道) tasty (adj.可口的) cook (n.厨师) cooker (n.炊具)

price 价格

2. lower /bring down the price 降低价格 3. at a lower/reasonable price 以较低的价格 4. varieties of dishes 种类多样的菜品 5. For one thing,……. For another,……

6. make sb (not)do sth

7. wait /stand in line / in a queue for a long time 8. The kinds of food are . 表达食堂出现的问题:

9. The prices of dishes are so high that many of us can’t afford them.

10. There are so few dishes to choose from, which is far from satisfactory. / which can’t satisfy our


11. It takes us so much time to stand in line, which decreases our time of rest at noon. 12. The food in the canteen doesn’t taste .

The taste of food in the canteen isn’t

13. The food in the canteen tastes so bad that a lot of food is left and wasted 14. It’s a waste of time to stand in line for a long time.

15. The food in the canteen tastes so bad, which leads to a severe phenomenon of wasting food. 16. In the long run, it’s bad for our health and study.

17. It goes without saying that it will influence our sleep in the afternoon. 表达提出的建议:

18. Improving the taste of the food is also a good solution to the problems. 19. I think it’s necessary to provide more kinds of food. 20. It’s high time that we took measures to solve the problems.

So it’s high time for us to take measures

21. To solve the problems, I think the canteen should set up a new figure(形象) and improve the

present condition to satisfy the students’ needs.

22. We hope the canteen can provide us with dishes of a high quality at a reasonable price. 23. The canteen should open more windows so that we needn’t wait so long.

24. As far as I’m concerned, the canteen should attach importance to the quality. What’s more,

different kinds of food should be provided.

25. Measures are supposed to be taken to improve the conditions of the canteen.

建议模板: Dear ….,

I’m glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to…….(引出话题). Here are a few suggestions. First of all, it is important to do sth. Then, it also helps to do sth. Besides, it should be a good idea to do sth.


1. Many ways can contribute to solving the problem, but I think the following may be the most

effective ones.

2. I’d like to make some suggestions on ……. 3. It’s of great importance for sb to do sth.

It’s necessary for sb to do sth

4. It would be a good idea for sb to do sth. / It would be a better idea if……. 5. It contributes /helps a lot if ……… 6. I suggest that …../ My suggestion is that …

It’s suggested / advised / recommended that…… 7. You’d better do sth./ We’d better do sth

It’s better to do sth

8. Measures are supposed to be taken to do sth

We are supposed to take effective measures to do sth 9. It’s high time that sb sth. / It’s high time for sb to do sth


假定你是中学生李华。在一位名叫Sad Mother的学生家长的博客上,你看到如下内容。请你根据博客内容、写作要点和要求,用英语给这位家长回复。

I’m the mother of a fourteen-year-old. Recently I have found that my daughter told lies to me. The other day she told me that she did well in the final exam. However I found out she failed in math and English. What should I do?


1.表明了解她的问题; 2.帮她分析孩子撒谎的原因; 3.提出至少两条建议 要求:

1.短文须写在答题卡的指定区域。 2.短文词数不少于100(不含已写好的部分)。 3.内容充实,结构完整,语意连贯。 4.书写需清晰、工整。

Hi,Sad Mother,

I have learned that_____________________________________________










作文范文: Hi,Sad Mother,

she is afraid you will punish her if she tells you the truth. Besides, nowadays, parents put too much pressure on their kids. In order not to let you down, she lie .

–heart talk with her, making her know being honest is more important than scores. In addition, don’t be too strict.微小的) mistakes.


daughter女儿expectation 期望 be worried / concerned about 担心 calm down 冷静下来 at a loss 迷惑不解 keep in touch with 保持联系 be strict with sb in sth 在某方面对某人要求严格 heart-to-heart 推心置腹的

idea 注意想法 test 测试 text 文本 cheat 欺骗 want sb to do sth 想让某人做某事

1. It was because she didn’t want to let you down that she pretended to achieve high scores. 2. She isn’t aware that the lies have hurt both you and herself.

3. Being a teenager, she needs to be encouraged. And it’s you who can do this. 4. It is probably your high expectations to her that makes her decide to lie.

5. You should figure out the reason why she lied to you before solving the problem. 6. It goes without saying that lying is bad behavior.

7. The reason why she didn’t tell you the truth may be that she didn’t want to let you down.

8. It is suggested that you should have a face-to-face talk with her so that she might open her heart to you.

9. To avoid the lies, you should encourage her rather than blame her when she fails in exams 10. The reason that leads to the problem may be various.

11. Confronted with (面对) these problems, you should take a series of effective measures to help you daughter.

12. As far as I’m concerned, it’s better to communicate with her in a friendly way to let her know it’s wrong to tell lies.

13. It’s suggested that you should attach more importance to physical and mental health. Moreover, it’s better to encourage her to do what she wants. 改错:

1. There are some advice.

2. Don’t sad.

3. You should give her more encourage.

4. She may afraid that if she fails in the exam, you will punish her.

5. If she has difficulty in learning, you should inspire she and help she out. 6. She doesn’t want you angry. 7. Please not to be so worried.

8. One of the reason is that she isn’t dare to tell you the truth. 9. Because she afraid parents.

10. So she don’t want to mention it. 11. You should apology to her.

12. You’d better to encourage her to be a honest people. 13. You’d better be care about her health and study. 14. I’m very understand your condition. 15. She may doesn’t want you to be angry.


为了帮助中学生健康成长,某中学英文报开辟了“HEART-TO-HEART”专栏。假设你是该栏目的编辑Jamie,收到一封署名为Worried的求助信。信中该同学向你诉说了自己的困扰:近日容易发脾气,使正常的学习和生活受到了影响。请用英文给该同学写一封回信。 内容要点如下:

1.表示理解并给予安慰; 2.提出建议并说明理由。 注意:



3.信的开头与结尾已为你拟好,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:temper n. 脾气,情绪 Hi Worried,

I’m sorry to know that you’re having such a had time at the moment.

Yours, Jamie Hi Worried,

I'm sorry to know that you're having such a bad time at the moment. The truth is that everyone will have one of those periods when things seem to be going wrong, I quite understand how you are feeling now and there is no need to worry about it so much. The important thing is to learn to control your temper so that you may not do or say anything you’ll regret. Here are three useful tips.

First of all, talk to someone you trust about the trouble you’re faced with, which is a good way of letting your anger out without hurting others or yourself. Second, go outdoors and play team games with your friends as physical exercise is an effective way to get rid of anger. Last but not least, remain optimistic about your future. Having a positive attitude towards life can be helpful in lifting your spirits. I hope you'll soon become calmer and better.



1. First, you are supposed to figure out what makes you upset,and then keep away from it. 2. What’s more, you are supposed to take an active part in outdoor activities to relax.

3. To solve the problem as soon as possible, you can open your heart to a good friend, talking about

your trouble.

4. Carried by two, burdens are lighter.

5. It’s high time that you should relieve your pressure.

6. Measures are supposed to be taken to control your temper.

7. There is no denying that everyone will lose his temper when something unexpected happens. 8. Instead of being angry, what is important for you is to learn to control your temper from now on.

9. It’s common for teenagers like you to lose your temper, which of course will have a bad effect on your normal study and life.



1、劳逸结合; 2、健康饮食; 3、适当锻炼; 4、保持乐观心态。 注意:1、短文必须包括所列内容;2、词数120左右;

3、文章开头已给出; 4、写成一篇完整的短文,不要逐条列举。


preventing them sleeping well and causing problems with their health. In order to improve the condition, I’d like to offer some advice.

First, Combine work with rest. Keep in mind that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Second, it is important to keep a healthy and balanced diet. Staying away from junk food and eating healthy food like vegetables and fish will benefit you. Third, go outdoors and take regular exercise, as physical exercise is an effective way to get rid of pressure. Last but not least, good health means being both physically and mentally healthy. Keeping an optimistic state of mind will contribute to a good physical state.

I sincerely hope that the suggestions above will be of great help to you. 句型及短语积累: 1. My advice is as follows. 2. The following is my advice.

3. Finally, remain optimistic about your future. Such a positive attitude towards life can be helpful in lifting your spirits.

4. Then it also helps to take proper exercise. Not only can it strengthen your health, but also it can make you feel relaxed.

5. Go outdoors and play team games with your friends as it is an effective way to keep healthy. 6. Second, you may as well take some exercise, which is a good way to keep healthy.

7. Third, go outdoors and take exercise. Not only can it help students keep healthy, but also it is a good way to reduce pressure.

8. First of all, I think it is a good idea to combine study and a good rest, which can help us keep energetic and active.

9. Second, you are supposed to eat healthy food as it will offer students enough energy.

10. In addition, you must eat healthy food so as to keep fit, which is of great importance to your study. 11. As an old saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

12. Gone are the days when we were at senior 2 and the senior 3 is saying hello to us.

13. Go out to breathe fresh air and relax your brain.

14. Keeping a healthy diet is essential to you, which helps you keep fit.

15. The most important thing I think is to seek for the balance between study and pleasure.

16. keep a balance between study and relaxation 17. keep fit/healthy keep( in) good health

keep in good condition/shape keep in a good state of health 18. with time going by /as time goes by 19. take exercise 纠错:

1.Exercise everyday so that you will be much stronger. 2.remain a optimistic attitude towards life

3.Eat more vegetables, which can strength your health. 4.In addition, have a balanced diet can keep your health. 5.Only if you believe in yourself you can carry on as normal. 6.take good rest

7.Under pressure of study, not only do our lives affected, but also we are in poor condition.(两处错)

8.Last but not least, remain optimistic is a good way to lift your spirits. 9.Taking exercise properly contributes to make you full of energy. 10.You should eat something which agrees with you .

11.At the same time, we are faced with much stress that results in many students can’t sleep well.

12.Here are some advice on how to solve it.

13.Only you ensure enough nutrition can you study better.

14.Finally, keep an optimistic attitude to life, it will be helpful in lifting your spirits. 15.write---_________---___________---____________(写出过去式,过去分词,现在分词) occur---______________