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篇一:必修1 模块2 My new teachers重点单词及短语归纳

必修1 模块2 My new teachers重点单词及短语归纳 单词部分


基本用法:adj. 惊人的,令人吃惊的。例如:

It was amazing that the boy was able to solve the problem so quickly.那男孩能这样快地解完这道题,真是令人惊奇。

拓展学习: amazed adj. 吃惊的;显示出惊奇的。例如:

He was amazed at what he saw.看到这情形他惊诧不已。


基本用法: n. 信息;情报。是不可数名词,“一条信息”用a piece of information表达。如: We received information that you had arrived.我们得到了你已抵达的消息。

3. method

基本用法:n. 方法,办法,例如:

A new training method was introduced.引进了一种新的训练方法。

拓展学习:means, way与method 的辨析


①means指为达到以一个目的或产生某种结果而采用的方法、手段,如:If the purpose is good, may any means be employed? 目的正当就可以不择手段吗?

②way是最普通、最常用的词,可以指一切“方法、办法”,如:This is the best way to solve the problem. 这是解决这一问题的最好方法。



基本用法:vt. 意思为“印,留下深深的印象”,例如:I impressed the words “Made in China” on a box.我在箱子上印出“中国制造”字样。

拓展学习:1)impressive adj. 意思是“给??留下深刻印象的”,例如:

China was really impressive in my memory.在我记忆中,中国给我的感觉太棒了!

2)impression n. 印象。例如:

The new teacher made a good impression on the students.新老师给学生留下了一个好印象。


基本用法:adj. 失望的,沮丧的。例如:

We are disappointed that you will not be able to come.你不能前来,我们很失望。 拓展学习:disappointing 令人失望的,示人失望的,例如:

We were sad at the disappointing results.我们对令人失望的结果感到悲伤。



His lecture covered every field of teaching.他的讲座涉及到教学的各个领域。

拓展学习: 1) 掩盖,遮蔽。例如:The noise was so loud that he covered his ears with his hands.声音大的使她用手捂住耳朵。

2)占地。例如:I was born in a small town covering an area of 50 square kilometers.我出生于一个占地50平方公里的小城。

3)走完;旅行。例如:I can hardly imagine that she covered such a long distance within one day with her lame legs.我几乎不敢想象,尽管自己腿瘸还是在一天之内走完了这样长的一段路程。

8. avoid

基本用法:v. 避免,回避,躲开, 动词avoid后名词或跟v.-ing形式作宾语。例如: You should avoid such mistakes.你应当避免这样的错误。

I quickly walked to the other side of the road to avoid meeting him.我加快脚步走到路的另一边,避免与他碰面。


基本用法:strict严格的,严厉的 (规则或行为),例如:

Our teacher is strict; we have to do what she says.我们的老师很严格,我们不得不按她说的去做。

【拓展】be strict with sb. 严格要求某人;be strict in doing sth. 对(做)某事严格


基本用法:承认; 准许进入;准许??进入(或加入) 容许;可容纳。例如:

You must admit the task to be difficult.你得承认这个任务是艰巨的。

We have to admit that he's a highly competent man.我们必须承认他是个非常能干的人。 The theater admits 1000 people.这剧院可容纳一千人。

【拓展】admit, allow, permit, let

admit指允许某人进入某场地,或加入某组织;allow指允许某人做什么,给予某人执行某任务的权利,或同意某人的要求; permit是书面语,比allow 带有更庄重、正式的语言色彩,含有正面的、积极的意义;let是口头语,表示听任或容许。


1.be similar to


His problem is similar to yours.他的问题和你的相似。

拓展: in common with 与??共同??

2. write down


Write down the answer in your exercise books. 把答案写在你们的练习本里。

【拓展】 write to 写信给 【注意】表示给某人可以用以下几种方式:write sb.; write to sb.; write sb. a letter ; write a letter to sb.

3. look forward to


Mary said she was looking forward as much to his return as he himself to seeing her. Mary说她期盼着他回来,也期盼着见到他本人。

4.divide into


Let's divide ourselves into several groups.我们分成几个小组吧。

The island is divided into two parts.这个岛屿被分成两部分。

拓展:separate from指把原来连在一起或靠近的"分隔"开来。如:

The Taiwan Straits separates Taiwan from Fujian. 台湾海峡把台湾和福建隔开了。

Please separate the white shirts from the colored ones.请把白衬衫与有颜色的衬衫分开。

5.take part in

【辨析】take part in / join in/ join to /join, join up

take part in 表示“参加”某种工作、事业、以积极的活动在工作和事业中起一份作用。故参加群众的活动、运动、会议等不宜用join in ,而用take part in ;join in 意思为“参加

某项活动”,诸如游戏、唱歌、讨论等,有时可跟表示延续性的时间状语;join 的基本意思是“加入”,是非延续性动词,后接党派、社会团体等名词;join to 是“把。。连接、连成一体”的意思;join up 是“参军,连起来”的意思,up 是副词;attend 意思为“出席、参加会议、讲演、上课、音乐会等”。

6.as a result


My friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; as a result , he could neither eat nor sleep.马丁患了奇怪的发烧,病得很厉害”;不能吃也不能睡”

【拓展】as a result of由于;因此后接名词或名词短语;result from起因于;result in导致,结果

7. in fact 实际上。

如:She doesn't like him much — in fact I think she hates him!她不很喜欢他;事实上,我认为她恨他!

拓展: in reality实际上。in point of fact事实上,实际上。as a matter of fact 实际上, 事实上。

8.for example


Many great men have risen from poverty, Lincoln and Edison, for example.许多伟人原本很穷,如林肯和爱迪生。

【拓展】such as 用来“罗列”同类人或物中的几个例子,可置于被列举的事物与前面的名词之间,其后面不能用逗号,含such as 的句子要注意主谓一致,因为它引导的成分不是主语的一部分。例如:

The students such as John are gong for an outing.这些学生,如约翰,将外出。

I. 选择单词或短语的正确形式填空:

1. amazed / amazing

We are _______that he agreed so quickly.

2. method / way

The _______ of teaching are in need of improving.

3. disappointing /disappointed

She was _______ to learn that she had failed the course.

4. be strict with / be strict in

a. In our school , teachers _________ us but kind to us.

my new teachers 短语

b. As a student , I think we must all _______ our study.

5. allow / admit

a. You have to pass the professional examination to be _______ to the society.

b. Playing ball is not _______ in the park.

6. join to / take part in / join

a. We in the countryside , we often _______ physical labor.

b. He ______ the army two years ago.

c. As we all know , south America is _______ North America.

II .单项填空:

1. What my teacher said strongly _______me and encouraged me to study harder.

A. made B. remembered C. expressed D. impressed

2. The course to be held during the summer vacation __all sides of business and law.

A. covers B. refers C. looks D. relates

3. There was a large box behind the door and Peter couldn't _____ falling over it in the darkness.

A. help B. resist C. avoid D. prevent

4. The twin are similar ____ each other _____ character .

A. with; on B. in ;in C. to ; in D. with ; in

5.-Where are you , Mary ?

-Here in the study, _____ to my pen friend in Beijing.

A. to write B. writing C. write D. to be writing

6. You can’t imagine how happy we were! The exciting moment we had been looking forward to _______ .

A. come B. having come C. came D. coming

7. We ____ the job ____ five parts, and each man did one part.

A. divided; into B. separated; into C. divided; from D. separated; from

8. Tom was late for work _____the traffic jam, and the boss blamed him for it.

A. as a result; as a result of B. as a result of; as a result

C. as a result of ; in other words D. as a result; in other words

9.The spring of 2008 was extremely bad. ____ most people say it was the worst spring of their lives.

At last B. In fact C. In a word D. As a result

10. In the high school, we study several subjects ,_______ Chinese, maths, English and so on.

A. for example B. such as C. such like D. in example

11. I think teachers should be strict _______ their students ______ studies.

A. in; with B. with; in C. about; in D. with; for

12. _______ if I spent $ 200 on it? — it’s my money!

A. Does it matter B. It doesn’t matter

C. What does it matter D. What it matters

13. The bad man ran away to avoid _______ and was finally put into prison.

A. seeing B. to be seen C. being seen D. to be caught

14. Traffic police _______ always very busy, especially at busy streets.

A. is B. are C. being D. had been

15. Will you _______ the window?

A. admit to break B. admit into breaking

C. have admitted breaking D. admit having broken

16. I would appreciate _______ back this afternoon.

A. you to call B. you call C. your calling D. you’re calling

17. They worked hard, _______ they finished their work ahead of time.

A. so as to B. such that C. so that D. in order that

18. She didn’t feel like _______, so he suggested _______ the day in the garden.

A. working; spending B. to work; to spend

C. working; to spend D. to work; spending

19. They stopped _______ as the teacher came in.

A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. talked

20. If I can stop them _______ there, I’ll do it.

A. go B. to go C. gone D. going

篇二:book1 Moduls 2my new teachers短语

Module 2 短语 1.承认做… 2.避免做… 3. 感激做 4.考虑做 5.耽误做 6.喜爱做 7.逃避做 8.想象做 9.完成做 10.禁止做 11.想象做 12.一直做 13.介意做 14.允许做 15.练习做 16.冒险做 17.建议做 18.想要做 19.放弃做 20.禁不住做 21.习惯于做 22.一直做

23.坚持做 24.盼望做 25.推迟做 26.把…奉献给 27.坚持做 28.反对做 29.多亏做 30.忙于做 31.开始做 32.做…有困难 33 forget (2) 34 remember(2) 35 stop(2) 36try(2) 37mean(2) 38 regret (2) 39 go on (2) 40can’t help (2)41need(2) 42allow (2) 43做…有困难(3)


M2短语 1.对…紧张 2.对…耐心 3.受…欢迎


5.对…害羞 6.对某人某事严格 7. …的第一印象 8.a bit(4个)


10. 因为 结果 11.睡着 12四处挥手 13.讲笑话 14.prefer(4个)

1 5.would prefer (2个)

16.would rather (2个)


18.定下来就这么定了 19.适用于 20.放松于

21.如此…以至于(2种及用法)22.with复合结构 23在…19世纪70年代 24.现在完成进行时 ⑴定义: ⑵结构



Module 2 短语 1.admit doing sth 2.avoid doing sth 3. appreciate doing sth 4.consider doing sth 5.delay doing sth 6.enjoy doing sth 7.escape doing sth 8.fancy doing sth 9.finish doing sth 10.forbid doing sth 11.imagine doing sth 12.keep doing sth 13.mind doing sth 14.permit doing sth 15.practise doing sth 16.risk doing sth 17.suggest doing sth 18.feel like doing sth 19.give up doing sth 20.can’t help doing sth 21.be used to doing sth 22.keep on doing sth 23.insist on doing sth 24.look forward to doing sth 25.put off doing sth 26.devote to doing sth 27.stick to doing sth 28.object to doing sth 29.thanks to doing sth 30.be busy in doing sth 31.get down to doing sth

32.have some trouble/ difficulty(不可数n)/problems (in )doing sth

33 forget ①to do 忘记要做 ②doing忘记做过 34 remember①to do记得要做


35 stop①to do停下来去做 另一件事② doing停止做 36 try ① to do尽力做 ②doing试着做

37 mean①to do打算做doing 意味做38 regret ①to do遗憾要做 ②doing后悔做 39 go on

①to do继续去做另一件事 ②doing继续做同件事

40 can’t help ①(to) do不能帮

做②doing忍不住做 41 41 need ①to do需要做 ②to be done=need doing需要被做 42 allow ① sb to do sth ②doing



1.be nervous about/of 2.be patient with sb of sth 3.be popular with

4.serious(中文3个,1个短语) ⑴严肃的⑵严重的⑶认真的 ⑷be serious about 对。。认真 5.be shy of

6.be strict with sb in sth 7.the first impression of 8.a bit(4个)

⑴a bit + adj/adv

⑵a bit of + 不可数n ⑶not a bit 一点也不 ⑷not a little很,非常 9.dare用法

① 当实意V:dare to do

don’t dare to do

②当情态V:dare do daren’t do

10. as a result of ; as a result 11.fall asleep 12wave about 13.tell jokes 14.prefer(4个)

⑴prefer to do

⑵prefer doing to doing

⑶prefer to do rather than do ⑷prefer n to n 15.would prefer (2个)

⑴would prefer to do sth

⑵would prefer to do rather than do

16.would rather (2个)

⑴would rather do sth

⑵would rather do sth than do sth

17.It‘s up to you


18.That’s settled 19.be true of 20.be relaxed with

21.如此…以至于(2种) ⑴so+adj/adv+that

So+adj+a/an+可数n单数+that So+many/much/few/little(两多两少)+n+that ⑵such+a/an+adj+可数n单数+that such+ adj+可数n复数+that such+ adj+不可数n +that 22.with复合结构

①with+n/代词+doing(主动) ②with+n/代词+done(被动) ③with+n/代词+to do(将要做) 23 in the 1980s 24.现在完成进行时


⑵结构:have been doing ⑶汉语 :一直做

篇三:2016届高考英语一轮复习 Module2 my new teachers词组练习 外研版必修1

Module2 my new teachers词组练习


1. 有趣的,可笑的adj. 娱乐,消遣 n. 2. 精力充沛的adj. adv. 精力,活力;能量n. 3. 聪明的,有智慧的adj. 4. 紧张的adj.

5. 耐心的adj.,病人n. 耐心n. 不耐心的adj.

6. 严肃的______ _______adj. 7. 严格的,严厉的adj. 8. 印象n. 使印象深刻v. 对?印象深刻的adj. 令人印象深刻的adj. 9. 不正确地adv. 10.完全地adv. 完全的adj.______ v. 11.立刻;________ adv. 12.感激,_______ 13.承认;____;____ v. 过去式 14.总结,摘要n. 总结v.

15.尊敬 ____v._____; ____ n. 16.一段时间,_______n. 17.复习n. 复习v. 18.翻译n. 19.话题n. 20.假期n. 21.关系n. 22.正式的adj. 非正式的adj. 23.放松的adj. 放松n. 24.有组织的adj. 组织n. 25.害羞adj. 26.避免v. avoidable 27.讨厌v. 28.科学的adj. 29.文学n. 30.大声地adv. 31.挥手v.,浪,波n. 32.玩笑n. 33.同样地adv. 相似之处n. 34.校长n. 女校长n.

35.时间表n. 36.纪律n. 二.短语 1.很有组织的 2.对某人有耐心 耐心地 3.认真对待? 4.在?对sb.严格 5.避免犯错误 避免被? 6.感激(sb.)做sth. 如果?.我将不胜感激7.承认做过? 被大学录取 8.进行复习 9.对某人表示尊重 10.与 ?在?相似 11.跟某人开玩笑 12.进展顺利/缓慢 13.做?准时 14.确保 对?有把握 15.因此 因为 由?导致 导致?

16.事实上 17.入睡 18.变得兴奋 19.就这么定了 20.被认为是 考虑做sth. 21.与?相处放松自在 22.做?遇到困难 23.宁愿做?不愿做(3) 宁愿不做

24.respect traffic rules give respects to sb. 25.a free period 26.not a bit not a little 27.state school private school 28.come on

29.It’s up to you. 30.a couple of 31.Have you got that?

三. 重点





5. I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Ms Chen teaching me.

6. I would have a coffee after a whole day’s hard work. Teachers can make mistakes . 7.现在完成进行时构成及用法

8.常见的直接接v-ing形式做宾语的动词 四.作文

假设你是星光中学的高中毕业生李华,母校将为高一新生举办主题为“What to learn in senior high school?”的英语沙龙活动,特邀你结合自身经历谈谈自己的体会。请根据以下提纲准备一份英语发言稿

1. 学会学习:方法、习惯等 2. 学会做人:真诚、友善等 3. 学会其他:考生自拟

Good morning, everyone! It is my honor to be here to share with you my opinions on what to learn in senior high school. In the coming three years, our school life will be

challenging. Firstly, we should learn to learn efficiently. Personally, I used to try effective methods to achieve my academic goals. Developing a good habit is also of vital importance. It really benefited me a lot to preview lessons, get actively involved in class, and review what had been taught after class.

In addition, we should learn how to get along well with others. In school, I respected teachers and was friendly with classmates. It was with sincerity and faithfulness that we created a harmonious atmosphere.

Finally, we should take part in sports and outdoor activities frequently. They were really helpful to build up my body and enrich my school life.

No pains, no gains. I’m sure that with your great efforts, you will enjoy a colorful and meaningful life here. Thank you.

篇四:必修一Module 2 My New Teachers知识点讲解

Module 2 My New Teachers知识点讲解


1. What’s the main character of the three teacher?

A. Strict, shy, nervous B. Strict, serious, amusing C. Shy, serious, talkative D. Patient, strict, amusing 2. Why doesn’t the student feel stupid at Mrs. Li’s class? A. Because she explains everything clearly. B. Because she explains English grammar clearly.

C. Because she doesn’t laugh at him when he makes mistakes. D. Because he works very hard at her class. 3. Why is nobody late for Mrs. Chen’s class. A. Because her class is very interesting.

B. Because her teaching is so well-organized and clear. C. Because they all like her very much. D. Because she is very strict.

4. Why does the author respect Mr. Wu a lot?

A. Because Mr. Wu is rather good-looking. B. Because Mr. Wu talks loudly and fast. C. Because Mr. Wu can make his class fun. D. Because the author likes Chinese literature. 【疯狂背诵下列单词及短语】

I. 单词盘点

1. avoid (vt.) (故意)避开 2. appreciate (vt.) 欣赏;感激

3. admit (vt.) 承认 4. respect (vt.& n.)尊敬;尊重

5. amusing (adj.) 有趣的;可笑的→ amuse (vt.) 娱乐;使快乐→ amusement (n.) 娱乐;快乐6. energetic (adj.) 精力充沛的→ energy (n.) 精力;能源

7. intelligent (adj.) 聪明的→ intelligence (n.) 智力

8. organised (adj.)有组织的;有系统的→ organise (vt.) 组织→ organisation (n.) 组织 9. patient (adj.) 耐心的(n.)病人 → patience (n.) 耐心

10. immediately (adv.) 立即,即刻→immediate(adj.) 立即的,立刻的;(作用)直接的 11. revision(n.)温习,复习→ revise(vt.)温习(功课) 12. formal (adj.)正式的→ informal(adj.)非正式的

13. relaxed (adj.) 轻松的;松懈的;宽松的→relax (v.)(使)轻松→relaxation (n.) 放松;轻松 14. similarly (adv.) 同样地,类似地→similar(adj.) 同样的,类似的→similarity(n.) 类似之处

II. 短语回放

1. 确定;确信;查明;弄清楚 make sure

2. 犯错误 make mistakes 3. (引起表示结果的从句)因此 so that

4. 取得进步 make progress 5. 由于…… as a result of 6. 因……发生 result from 7. 结果 as a result

8. 导致;造成 result in 9. 事实上 in fact 10. 睡着 fall asleep 11. 讲笑话;开玩笑 tell jokes

12. 感激(某人)做某事 appreciate (sb.) doing 13. 承认(做)某事 admit (doing) sth. 14. 尊敬某人 have respect for sb.


1. She’s kind and patient,! 她友善、耐心,把英语语法解释得如此清楚,以至于连我都懂了。 2. She’s very strict—we don’t dare to say a word


3....but I think that I’ll do well in the exam 但我认为有陈老师教我,我会在考试中做得很好。

4. I’d斯坦顿先生,我愿意做翻译也不愿复习。 5. You decide . (由你决定)



1. make sure 确定;确信;查明;弄清楚

① Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to take the medicine. 要确保你仔细按照说明吃药。

② I’d like to make sure of the time the plane leaves. 我想要确认一下飞机离开的时间。

2. 形容词 副词

with + 宾语 +






① In hot summer nights, he would like to sleep with the windows open. 在炎热的夏天夜晚,他喜欢敞着窗户睡觉。

② Mary hurried out, with the computer on. 玛丽匆忙出去了,电脑还开着。 ③ Don’t stand with your hands in your pockets. 站着的时候不要把手插在口袋里。 ④ With exams approaching, it’s a good idea to review your class notes. 考试临近时,复习你的课堂笔记是个好主意。

⑤ John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work finished, he gladly accepted it. 约翰收到了晚宴的邀请函,由于工作完成了,所以他接受了。 ⑥ With so much homework to do, I can’t go out.

我不能出去,因为有许多作业要做。 【真题链接】

The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already _____ for a meal to be cooked.


A. laid B. laying C. to lay D. being laid 3. 斯坦顿先生,我愿意做翻译也不愿复习。

【点拨:】would rather do sth. than (do) sth. 意为“宁愿做某事而不愿做某事”。

would rather后面接省略to的不定式,其否定形式是would rather not do sth. ① —Some more wine? 再来一点酒吗?

—Thank you, I’d rather not. I have to drive home. 谢谢, 我不能再喝了。我还得开车回家呢。 ② She’d rather die than lose the children. 她宁可死也不愿失去孩子们。

③ I’d rather you didn’t mention this matter to anyone else. 我希望你不要对任何人提及此事。

【拓展】 would rather后面接从句时,从句中的谓语动作若表示现在或将来,就用一般过去时;



George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he _____ more on its culture. [2010江苏,34]

A. focus B. focused C. would focus D. had focused

Module 2 My New Teachers知识点检测


Ⅰ. 单词盘点 (每空1分,共20分)

1. ___________________(vt.)(故意)避开 2. __________________(vt.) 欣赏;感激 3. ___________________(vt.) 承认 4. ___________________(vt.& n.)尊敬;尊重 5.____________________ (adj.) 有趣的;可笑的→___________________(vt.)娱乐;使快乐 →_______________________ (n.)娱乐;快乐6. ____________________ (adj.) 聪明的 7. ____________________ (adj.) 精力充沛的→___________________ (n.)精力;能源 8.____________________ (adj.) 有组织的;有系统的→___________________ (vt.)组织 9.___________________(n.)温习,复习→ _____________________(vt.)温习(功课) 10.___________________(adj.)正式的→ _____________________(adj.)非正式的 11.___________________ (adj.) 轻松的;松懈的;宽松的→_________________ (v.)(使)轻松 12.___________________ (adv.) 同样地,类似地→____________________ (adj.)同样的,类似的Ⅱ. 短语回放 (每空2分,共20分)

1.确定;确信;查明;弄清楚 ____________________ 2. 犯错误 ____________________ 3. (引起表示结果的从句)因此 ____________________ 4. 取得进步 ____________________ 5. 由于…… ____________________ 6. 因……发生 ____________________

7. 结果 ____________________ 8. 导致;造成 ____________________ 9. 事实上 ____________________ 10. 睡着 ____________________

【补全句子】 (每空3分,共15分)

1. She’s kind and patient, and she explains English grammar ____________________(如此清楚以至于)even I can understand it!

2. She’s very strict—we don’t dare to say a word ________________________ (除非她让我们说). 3....but I think that I’ll do well in the exam _______________________________ (有陈老师教我). 4. _________________________________(我宁愿做翻译也不愿……)revision, Mr Stanton. 5. You decide—_______________________________ (由你决定).

【仿句自测】 (每空4分,共20分)

1. 我的腿如此疼痛以至于我停止了跑步。(painful疼痛的)

2. 他宁愿死也不愿向我道歉。(say sorry to sb. 向某人道歉)

3. 他一定会成功。4. 他经常说谎,结果没有人相信他了。____________________________________________ 5. 那件事由他来决定。【单项选择】 (每空3分,共15分)

1. —Will I go to the interview tomorrow? — ______.It’s your future.

A. You are welcome B. It’s up to you C. Yes, you’re right D. I can’t agree more 2. The boy would rather _____ the small one than the big one. A. take B. to take C. taking D. taken 3. I would appreciate _____ back this afternoon.

A. you to call B. you call C. your calling D. you’re calling

4. My friend Tom was very sick; ______, he could neither eat nor sleep. A. as a result B. after all C. any way D. otherwise 5. With a lot of difficult problems ______, he is having a hard time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled


1. I feel I’m going to make a progress with her. _________ 2. A few students even admit to like her. _________ 3. She explains exactly what is happening and as a result of my work is improving. _________ 4. I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs. Chen taught me. _________ 5. This is one class you do not fall sleepy in . _________

篇五:Module 2 My New Teachers 知识点梳理1

Module 2 My New Teachers



present 当前;现在→at present time在目前

2.take look 看一眼;看一看→take 雇用;呈现→take 欺骗;吸入→take 接管→take...apart 拆开;拆卸→take after(外表,行为等)与??相像

couple things几件事;三两件事

asleep 睡着→ asleep 熟睡;酣睡→asleep半睡半醒

5.be strict ______ sb.对某人要求严格→be strict sth.在某事方面要求严格

6.be true of 适用于→true (愿望,梦想等)实现→be true life 逼真的;栩栩如生的

7.Have 有某方面的麻烦→have some in doing... 在做??方面有困难

fact事实上→a matter of fact事实上,实际上

a result 结果→as a result 由于??的原因 →result 导致→result 由于??而发生

10.be patient 对??有耐心→lose patience 对??失去耐心→have the

to do sth.有耐心做某事


1....,and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it!




He was so angry that he couldn’t say a word.

2....we don’t dare to say a word unless she asks us to.


考查连词unless表示“除非”的含 义


I won’t go to the party unless I’m invited.

3....,but I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs.Chen teaching me.??但我认




We had no trouble in getting there with the boy leading us.

4.I’d rather study history than geography because I can learn a lot from many

historical figures.


考查would rather...than...“宁愿??而不愿??”句子结构


They would rather go fishing than stay at home.

5.You decide—it’s up to you.你决定,这你说了算。

考查短语be up to sb.由某人来决定


What we will do next is up to you.



1.patient adj.有耐心的;能容忍的;n.病人

She is kind and patient ,and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I

can understand it!

她和蔼,有耐心,而且她讲解的英语语法是如此的清晰,甚至连我也能听得懂! (回归课本P12)


She’s very patient with young children.


As a clerk,you should be patient of any question raised by the customers.


She sat with patience(=patiently) waiting for her turn.



patience n.耐心;忍耐力

impatient adj.不耐烦的,没有耐心的

impatience n.不耐烦,无耐性

be patient with sb.对某人有耐心

be patient of sth.忍耐某事

be out of patience with...对??忍无可忍

have no patience with...对??不能容忍

have the patience to do sth.做某事有耐心

with patience=patiently (adv.)耐心地



—So I have to be patient him.

A.in;with B.on;with

C.in;on D.at;for

(2)—What do you think of him?

—He is patient others and hardships.

A.with;of B.with;to

C.of;with D.to;with

2.avoid vt.避免;避开;消除

She avoids making you feel stupid!

她不会使你感到自己很笨! (回归课本P12)


This time he was lucky and avoided being punished.


She tried to avoid answering my questions.


If we are to avoid defeat we need a change of leadership.



(1)avoid sth.避开某物

avoid doing sth.避免做某事

注意 avoid后面可以接名词、代词、v.-ing形式,但不接不定式作宾语。


考虑建议盼原谅 consider,suggest/advise,look forward to,excuse

承认推迟没得想 admit,delay/put off,fancy

避免错过继续练 avoid,miss,keep/keep on,practice

否认完成就欣赏 deny,finish,enjoy/appreciate

禁拒想像才冒险 forbid,resist,imagine,risk

不禁介意准逃亡 can’t help,mind,allow/permit,escape

另外还有:lead to,stick to,get down to等

以介词to结尾的动词短语和can’t stand,give up等。


The husband appreciates that his wife

always avoids him in front of his


A.to embarrass B.being embarrassed

C.embarrassing D.embarrassed

3.appreciate vt.感激;欣赏;重视

...,but most of us really appreciate her because her teaching is so well organized and clear. ??,但是,我们多数人都非常赞赏她,因为她讲的课既条理又清晰。 (回归课本P12) 观察思考

To tell the truth,I can’t appreciate his works.


We shall appreciate hearing from you again.


I would appreciate it if you can help me close the door.




appreciate doing

appreciate one/one’s doing

(2)I would appreciate it if...如果??,我将不胜感激。


I would much if you could do me that favour.

A.appreciate it B.appreciate you

C.thank it D.thank you

4.admit vt.承认;供认;许可;允许进入;允许参加;容纳得下

And a few students even admit liking her!

甚至有些同学承认喜欢她! (回归课本P12)


In the end,he had to admit his mistakes.


We all admit him to be foolish.


The UK was admitted to the EEC in 1973.


The facts admit of no other explanation.



admission n.进入;接纳;录取;入场费

admit sth.承认某事

admit doing/having done sth.承认做/已经做了某事

admit sb./sth.to be...承认某人/事是??

admit thatclause承认??

admit sb.to/into接纳某人进入;吸收某人参加

admit of容许有;有??可能;容许有??的余地

admit 后不能跟不定式作宾语,可以跟不定式“to be”作宾语补足语。


Sam could do nothing but to his teacher

that he was wrong.

A.admit B.admitted

C.admitting D.to admit

5.respect vt.尊敬,尊重;n.[U]尊敬,尊重;敬意;[C]着眼点;方面;细节 I respect him a lot.

我很尊敬他。 (回归课本P12)


I promised to respect your wishes.


I have the greatest respect for Jane’s judgement.


With respect,sir,I think you are quite wrong.


This is especially true in respect of the United Kingdom.



respect sb./sth.for sth.因某事尊敬某人(事)

respect oneself自尊,自重

show/have respect for尊敬,尊重

send/give one’s respects to...代某人向??问好

pay one’s respect to sb.向某人致敬

in every respect=in all respects在各方面

in respect of关于??

with respect to...至于;关于;就??而言



The plan is faulty in every respect/in all respects.


Please give my respects to your parents.

6.matter n.[C]事情,问题;[U]物质;重大关系;v.(对??而言)有关系,重要 It doesn’t matter if a teacher is not organised.



What kinds of matter is the earth made up of ?


There is nothing the matter with her.


What matters is your attitude not your decision.


It doesn’t matter to me whether she is pleased or not.



as a matter of fact实际上,事实上

What’s the matter with...?=What’s wrong with...???怎么了?

It doesn’t matter.没关系,无所谓。

to make matters(the matter)worse更糟的是

no matter what/who/where/when/how...不管什么/谁/哪里/何时/如何??(引导让步状语从句)


(1)I don’t know what’s the matter with her.





Who would you prefer to work with,Li Kang or Zhou Kai?

你更愿意和谁一起工作,李康还是周凯? (回归课本P17)


Most of us prefer reading novels to watching TV.


I prefer to go out for a walk rather than stay at home.


The old man preferred that all his children (should) stay with him.






prefer doing sth.宁愿做某事(表示一般倾向,也就是对某种行为的好)

prefer to do sth.喜欢做某事(指特定或具体某项动作,即在一定场合下“特别喜欢”) prefer to do sth.rather than do sth.宁愿做某事而不愿做某事