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It Is Never Too Old To Learn

作文要求:In modern society, you may find that the old people over 70 are still learning English or computer. So what do you think of education? Is it a lifelong process or it stops when one graduates from school? Now write your composition according to the following topic and the outline:

It Is Never Too Old To Learn

1. State the meaning of this saying

2. Explain it with examples

3. Draw a conclusion


It Is Never Too Old To Learn

"It's never too old to learn".Yes,It tells us we should always realize that the most important things in this society is keep learning. Only by doing this can we keep up with the pace of the time.The followings are my points.

I think it necessary for people of all ages to learn. First, with the development of science and technology, knowledges are updated every day. If one doesn't want to learn, his knowledge will be out of date. Because of there is not standing still in the world, one must keep learning. Second, learning is an experience of gaining, seeking and owning. It's great fun to learn. Only by learning can one finds the joy in life. Otherwise, his life will be a boring one.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. Only by seeing in the mystery of knowledge can one keep his knowledge from becoming yesterday. So why not keep learning all your life?

Knowledge is to a person what petrol is to a car. So it is pretty important for one to spend time and efforts to gain knowledge. The more one learns the more ignorant he will find himself, and thus what one has learnt can never be enough. In the modern society where new technology and discovery makes their appearance with each passing day, if one wants to keep pace with others, avoid being out of date and contribute to the society, one should pursue his studies all through his life.

In short, the proverb"It is never too old to learn." is true of everyone. Let us start and keep learning.

1. Commendable effort(努力).

2. You were perfectly on target for this assignment.

3. Tallying(统计)the word total in the essay I received from you brings out the fact that the

length is really well done. This essay presents a rich development of this idea.

4. This work conveys every word spelled perfectly. Please maintain this habit.

5. You show an understanding of grammar in this work, and you deserve praise.

6. You led the pack by sending this in before the due date. ? Commendable:值得赞许。To commend means to speak well of or praise someone or

something. What a commendable effort in your writing today!

? assignment:作业。英语里,assignment、composition、creation、manuscript、submission





? brings out:表明;显示。 convey:表示;表达。convey还可表示“运送;传递”的意思。 deserve praise:值得赞扬。 deserve:值得。表示“值得”的意思,英语里还可以用be worthy of。例如,The piece

is worthy of reading“文章值得一读”。

? due date:截止日期。due除了“应当的”之外,还可表示“到期了”的意思。例如,a

bill due today“今天到期的账单”。反义词是overdue“过期的;迟交的”。

? lead the pack:不甘示弱。lead是不规则动词: lead, led, led。pack的意思是“一群;


? on target:击中目标;紧扣主题;表现不俗。

? praise:表扬: praise还可表示“赞美”的意思。顺便说一句,praise既可作名词,也


? present:显示。present还可表示“赠送;提出”的意思。

? send this in:提交作业。

? be perfectly on target:紧扣主题。

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It was his encouragement that lit the flame of my hope.


With time going by, we have made much progress.


With the popularity of the Internet, the computer plays an important role in our daily life.


It has been my dream to go to Peking University ever since I went to senior high school because of its strong cultural atmosphere as well as its high academic status


With graduation approaching,we have made preparations for the college entrance examination.

(来自:WwW.smhaida.Com 海达 范文 网:活到老学到老英语作文)


My opinions are as follows


I hope you can take my application into consideration.

8. 只有这样做,我们再能有效学习。

Only by doing so can we study efficiently.


Precious as time is, I try to do some sports or do some reading after

class. Sometimes, I surf the internet to update and amuse myself.


A good idea suddenly occurred to me/ came to my mind.


It suddenly occurred to me that I could turn to Tome for help.


Only in this way can you solve this problem.


it is said that college life is more colourful.


As we know, we can benefit from each other.


Compared with the traditional cards, e-cards are lively and interesting.


Our home is next to the city center, where easy shopping access and convenient transportation are available.


There is an old saying going like this “Every coin has two sides”


He who laughs last laughs best.


He who doesn?t reach the Great Wall is not a true man


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

21.活到老学到老 I t is never too late to learn.


First of all, what?s the most important thing is that we must make good use of classes.

23.我们的学习中仍然存在许多问题。 24.这个工厂雇佣了许多工人。 25.据我所知,无论谁违反交通规则都会受到严厉的处罚。

As far as I am concerned,Whoever ignores traffic rules will get punished more severely

26.我希望你能认真考虑我的观点,并采取有效的措施制止浪费。 I hope you can consider my views seriously and take some effective measures to stop the waste in our school.

27. 为了让高中生认识到环境的重要性并且提高环保意识,中国日报计划举办一个环保性质的竞赛。

in order to get senior students to attach importance to the environment and improve our environment-protecting awareness, China Daily is planning to hold an environment-protecting knowledge contest.


We shouldn?t leave the tap water running after we use it.


I really hope that our teachers can make some improvements on learning plans.


(1) 尽管给你添麻烦觉得不好意思,可是恐怕我不的不埋怨从你的


I feel bad to trouble you, but I am afraid that I have to make a

complaint about the new mobile phone that I purchased from your store.

(2) 这个问题影响了我的正常生活。

This problem has affected my normal life.

(3) 你能否让我知道我是退换手机还是你退还现金?

Would you let me know whether I could return the mobile phone

to you for a replacement or get my refund?

(4) 尽管我修了两次,但仍然无济于事。

Although I have had it repaired twice, it still does not work.

(5) 我用它不足两周,就发现它有毛病。

It was less than a week after I used it that I found something wrong

with it.


An online survey shows the following results:76% of the

participants admit having run red lights before.

(run a red light闯红灯 drunk-driving酒驾 driving with no

license 无照驾驶 cover up the vehicle?s number plate遮盖车号)


Whoever ignores traffic rules will get punished more severely

33. 光阴荏苒,岁月如梭。

How time flies!

34. 随着时间的流逝,我们取得了长足的进步。

As time goes by/ With time going on,we have made much progress.


I know my strengths and limitations.


Good friends can help build up confidence and overcome my fear.


The teacher encouraged us to do some physical exercise to keep fit.


We should spare no effort to protect our earth.

39. 这是一种很环保的方式。

It?s an environmentally friendly way


Getting up courage is the most important thing in one?s life.


Confidence comes from overcoming oneself.


There is an old saying going like this “Practice makes perfect”


The moment he left home, it began to rain.


A bright idea suddenly came to my mind.


I?m looking forward to hearing from you soon.





For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the saying “Never go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen.”You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of being participants rather than mere onlookers in life. You should write at least 120 words, no more than 180 words.

参考译文:指令:对于本部分,允许你使用30分钟,针对“绝不要只是出去看看发生了什么,而要出去做一些事情”这句话,写一篇短论文。你可以引用例子来阐释不只做生活的旁观者而是要做参与者的重要性。你应该写至少120词,但不多于180词。很多同学由于词汇量太小或语法基础薄弱,看不懂题目。其实无须过于担心,只要认识participant(参与)即可,本题即是阐述参与的重要性,是一篇人生哲理类文章。四级写作已经六次考察人生哲理类考题,分别是:1992-1:Is Failure a Bad Thing? (失败是否一件坏事),1995-1:Can Money Buy Happiness? (金钱是否能买来幸福),1997-1:Practice Makes Perfect (熟能生巧),2003-1:It Pays to Be Honest (诚实是值得的),2011-12:Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will (成功需要坚强的意志)和2013-6:The Importance of Doing Small Things Before Undertaking Something Big(做大事之前做小事的重要性)。在新东方在线四级写作基础班,笔者提供了人生哲理类钻石句型,强化班笔者讲解了人生哲理类真题并提供了范文。在笔者今年11月出版的《四级写作与翻译终极预测20篇》中,第10-12篇均为人生哲理类范文,尤其是第11篇,几乎全文均可使用。12月17日,笔者在新浪微博“新东方王江涛”中发布了“15年12月四级写作十大预测范文”,其中第5篇即人生哲理,几乎全文均可使用。如果考生认真准备过,并不难写。本文第一段应该通过引语引出主题:参与的重要性,第二段可以通过列举自己身边或社会热点例子支持自己的观点,第三段可以进行归纳结论或提出建议措施。考生如果未能审清题目或写作稍有偏题,也无需过于担心,只要卷面尚可、没有太多严重的语言错误、跑题不是太远,都可以取得及格的成绩。


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the saying “Learning is a daily experience and a lifetime mission.”You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of lifelong learning. You should write at least 120 words, no more than 180 words.


很多同学由于词汇量太小或语法基础薄弱,看不懂题目。其实无须过于担心,只要认识learning(学习)即可,本题即是阐述学习的重要性,是一篇关于学习的教育文化类考题。四级写作已经九次考察人生哲理类考题,分别是:2000-6:Is a Test of Spoken English Necessary? (口语考试是否必要),2007-12:What Electives to Choose? (选择什么选修课),2010-6:Due Attention Should Be Spent to Spelling (我们应该充分重视拼写),2012-12:Education Pays (教育回报),2012-12:Academic Plagiarism(学术抄袭),2013-6:The Importance of Learning Basic Skills (学习基本能力的重要性),2013-12:The Impact of Internet on Learning(互联网对学习的影响),2014-12:A Course That Has Impressed You Most in College (大学中我印象最深的一门课),2015-6:Why Am I Going to School If My Phone Already Knows Everything? (如果我的手机已经知道一切,为什么我要去上学)。在新东方在线四级写作基础班,笔者提供了教育文化类钻石句型,强化班本人讲解了教育文化类真题并提供了范文。在笔者今年11月出版的《四级写作与翻译终极预测20篇》中,第1-5篇均为教育文化范文,尤其是第1篇,几乎全文均可使用;同时,该书提供了十大万能框架,第3、7两篇框架很多表达均可使用。12月17日,笔者在新浪微博中发布了“15年12月四级写作十大预测范文”,其中第1篇即教育,几乎全文均可使用。本文第一段应该通过引语引出主题:学习的重要性,第二段可以通过列举自己身边或社会热点例子支持自己的观点,第三段可以进行归纳结论或提出建议措施。考生如果未能审清题目或写作稍有偏题,也无需过于担心,只要卷面尚可、没有太多严重的语言错误、跑题不是太远,都可以取得及格的成绩。


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the saying “Listening is more important than talking.”You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of listening. You should write at least 120 words, no more than 180 words.

参考译文:指令:对于本部分,允许你使用30分钟,针对“聆听比言说更重要”这句话,写一篇短论文。你可以引用例子来阐释聆听的重要性。你应该写至少120词,但不多于180词。很多同学由于词汇量太小或语法基础薄弱,看不懂题目。其实无须过于担心,只要认识listening(聆听)即可,本题即是阐述聆听的重要性,是一篇人生哲理类文章。四级写作已经六次考察人生哲理类考题,分别是:1992-1:Is Failure a Bad Thing? (失败是否一件坏事),1995-1:Can Money Buy Happiness? (金钱是否能买来幸福),1997-1:Practice Makes Perfect (熟能生巧),2003-1:It Pays to Be Honest (诚实是值得的),2011-12:Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will (成功需要坚强的意志)和2013-6:The Importance of Doing Small Things Before Undertaking Something Big(做大事之前做小事的重要性)。








For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying “Learning is a daily experience and a life long mission.”You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of life long learning. You should write at least 120 words, no more than 180 words.


Currently in this constantly changing world, learning becomes a seemingly convenient but actually more complex matter. As an old saying goes,”Learning is a daily experience and a life time mission”.Apparently, the meaning of this saying is that if we truly desire to learn something, we are supposed to devote our life to it. There are several reasons accounting for this view point.For one thing, learning itself is an actually

complicated and painful matter, and as a result, it is advisable for us to commit much more time even our whole life to it. For another, it is exceedingly obvious that we are easy to forget what we learned, and accordingly, the significance of lifetime learning cannot be ignored. For example, memorizing vocabulary is commonly the first step of preparing for an English test. However, it is pretty difficult for us to put a huge number of new words in our mind. Therefore, we can divide these words into some groups and spend some hours each day on it in order to remember and understand these words.

To sum up, lifelong learning lays a solid foundation to the development of ourselves, and only when we realize the significance of lifetime learning can we understand the essence of learning.

2: Learning is a daily experience and lifetime mission.

Undoubtedly, learning is a daily experience and lifetime mission. For instance, Madam Curie, who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity and became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, was known for her persistence in learning.

Several reasons, both social and individual, could account for the importance of constant learning. Firstly, in an age of ruthless and relentless competition, only by learning constantly can we bring our potential and ability into full play and catch up with the times. Secondly, learning does not only help us acquire knowledge, but also enriches our lives and broadens our horizons. Thirdly, science and technology change with each passing day. Without constant learning, it would be impossible for us to update our knowledge.

Accordingly, it is constant learning that really matters in achieving success in modern society. In my humble opinion, it is high time that parents and teachers made joint efforts to encourage children to read more books instead of playing computer games all day.


For this part, you are allowed 30minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying “Listening is more important than talking.”You can cite examples to illustrate the importance oflistening. You should write at least 120 words, no more than 180 words.


As the most evolved creature in this planet,we human beings are in possession of two kinds of most

powerful capability, which are listening and talking. Compared with talking, more often than not, the significance of listening is way ahead in our life.

The most typical example of the importance of talking lies in the exchange among family members. When we are accustomed to talking without listening, in the process of which we might only focus on ourselves, feeling of others are ignored and even hurt. Without listening, the essential passport towards mutual understanding, the relation among our family members may bit by bit go alienated .

Besides , listening can also promote the efficiency of teamwork and efficiency is of the utmost consequence in such a fast-tempo society.

Talking is a window through which we convey ourselves , while listening is a door via which we understand each other . A life without mutual listening is just like a house without a door. Careful listening , so at least it seems to me , is a necessity but not a luxury in our daily life as well as in our work .

2.Listening is more important than talking

It is no exaggeration to say that listening is more important than talking. For instance, without listening, a baby won’t know how to speak; without enough listening, we cannot speak English fluently; without listening carefully in classroom, we cannot follow our teachers.

There are several reasons to account for the importance of listening. First and foremost, only by listening to others carefully can we understand their points of views. Secondly, more listening can not only broaden our

horizons, but also helps us absorb others’ wisdom. Last but not least, listening is an input and talking is an output. It is unwise to voice our opinions in those topics that we are unfamiliar with.

As an old Chinese old saying goes, silence is gold. Therefore, in my humble opinion, it is of great significance for us to spend more time in listening instead of rushing to speak.


For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write anessay commenting on the saying “Never go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen.” You can citeexamples to illustrate the importance of being creative rather thanthe mere onlookers in life. You should write at least 120 words, nomore than 180 words. 参考范文1:

As a famous saying goes, "Never go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen." Simple as the saying is, its meaning is profound and thought-provoking, which is meant to tell us that we are supposed to be creative instead of acting as the on looker.

Conspicuous are the impacts of being creative and I would like to explore the following aspects. To begin with, it is to leading a team to make constant progress what water is to fish, which can be best illustrated by an example concerning an extraordinary basketball player, Yao Ming. Moreover,

this kind of innovation also makes it possible for an ation to promote its international status and improve the comprehensive competitiveness.

From my perspective, keeping creative is so essential that adequate importance must be attached to it. Only when we literally realize the key role it plays can we become better selves in the foreseeable future.

2.Never go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen

There is no doubt that we should never go out there to see what happens; instead, we should take actions to make things happen. A telling example is Youyou Tu. She and her colleagues made 380 extracts from 2,00 herbs before they finally succeeded in discovering the pure substance qinghaosu, which can be used to treat malaria. As we all know, there were numerous scientists who wanted to find this substance, but it was her firm actions that made her the first Chinese Nobel laureate in medicine.

Why? Reasons are quite simple and can be listed as follows. To begin with, only by taking actions can we find the best way to solve those problems we are facing, but as a bystander, we can learn nothing meaningful. In addition, in an age full of ruthless and relentless competitions, without taking actions to make things happen, we are bound to lose those valuable opportunities. For instance, if Apple had just gone out there to see what happens in mobile phones, it could not have presented the amazing product, iPhone, to us.

Accordingly, we college students should not just be a watcher but a doer. In my humble opinion, we can start from applying what we have learned into practice.









1. Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成。

2. Nothing is too difficult in the world if you set your mind into it. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。

3. Every coin has two sides. 每枚硬币都有两面;凡事皆有好坏。

4. Don't troubles trouble until trouble troubles you. 不要自找麻烦。

5. No pains,no gains. 不劳无获。

6. Night had fallen before we knew it. 不知不觉夜幕就降临了。

7. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. 希望早日收到你的来信。

8. You are always throwing things about. Look, what a mess in your room! 你总是乱扔东西。瞧,你的房间乱成什么样了!

9. Not until yesterday did I get to know that. 直到昨天我才知道那件事。

10. It was not until yesterday that I got to know that. 直到昨天我才知道那件事。

11. No sooner had he left home than it began to rain. 他一离开家天就开始下雨了。

12. Hardly had he left home when it began to rain. 他一离家天就开始下雨了。

13. It is obvious that China is getting more and more powerful. 显然,中国正变得越来越强大。

14. It is reported that a terrible accident happened on Highway 22. 据报道,在22号公上发生了严重的交通事故。

15. It is said that another earthquake will hit this island. 据说,这个岛还会发生地震。

16. It suddenly occurred to me that I could ask Mr. Li for help. 我突然想到可以请李老师帮忙。

17. A bright idea suddenly came to my mind. 我突然想到一个办法。

18. It's never too late to learn. 活到老学到老。

19. The moment I left home, it began to rain. 我一离开就开始下雨了。

20. As is known to all, Taiwan is part of China. 众所周知,台湾是中国的一部分。

21. He preferred to stay home rather than see the film. 他宁愿呆在家里也不愿去看电影。

22. We two share the same opinion. 我们两有着相同的看法。 、

23. Now many people still hold the belief that girls are not so valuable as boys. 许多人还认为女孩没有男孩珍贵。

24. When the old man came to, he found himself lying in hospital. 老人醒过来的时候,发现自己躺在医院。

25. The result of the competition will be made known to the public soon. 考试结果会很快就公布。

26. Though he failed three times, he was determined to have a fourth try. 尽管他失败了三次,他还决心再试一次。

27. As long as you work hard, you will succeed. 只要你努力,你一定会成功。

28. You needn't ask; just make yourself at home. 你不必问,不要客气。

29. When he was walking in the street when suddenly he saw two cars run into each other. 他在街上散步时,突然看到两辆车相撞了。

30. He who laughs last laughs best. 谁笑到最后谁就笑得最好。

31. On one hand, Bungee is interesting. On the other hand, it is very dangerous. 一方面蹦极就有趣,另一方面,它也很危险。

32. So devoted in his work that Mr. Smith didn't know it was already dark. Smith先生太投入自己的工作了,天黑了还不知道。

33. You won't succeed unless you work hard. 除非你努力,否则是不会成功的。

34. It is important that we students should learn English well. 学生学好英语是很重要的。

35. As time went by, the boy came to realize his mistakes. 随着时间的推移,这个孩子慢慢地认识到了自己的错误。

36. The meeting came to an end at four o'clock yesterday afternoon. 会议在昨天下午四点结束了。

37. He was in such a hurry that he almost knocked into the headmaster. 他太匆忙了,一头撞在了校长身上。

38. He hurried to the theatre without supper only to be told that the singer hadn't arrived yet. 他匆匆忙忙地赶到剧院,却发现歌唱家已经走了。

39. No matter what you do, you should put your heart into it. 无论你做什么,你都必须用心去做。

40.There is no doubt that you are sure to win the game. 毫无疑问,你一定会赢这场比赛。

41. She was so angry at all that he was doing that she walked out without saying a word. 她对他所说的一切感到非常生气,什么没说就走了出去。

42. It was in the park where the boy used to play that we found the boy at last. 正是在这个孩子经常玩的那个公园,我们终于找了到了那个孩子。

43. As is often the case, the boy came to school late again. 这个孩子又迟到了。情况总是这样的。

44. She is in a poor state of health, which worries her mother much. 她的身体不好,这使母亲很担心。

45. Many girls are very particular about their clothes. 许多女孩子对衣服都很挑剔。

46. Don't speak in such a manner, or you'll get into trouble. 不要这样讲话,否则会惹事生非的。

47. Although he has taken a lot of medicine, his health remains poor. 尽管他吃了很多药,他的身体还是很弱。

49. The thing that matters is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not. 重要的不是你是否会失败,而是你是否去尝试。

50. I will spare no efforts to help you in your work. 在你的工作中,我将不遗余力地帮助你。