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篇一:英国人性格british character作文

British people have formed their own unique way of thinking and behavior because of geography, history, culture and other reasons. It’s important for us to learn about their character when we deal with British people. Sum up, there are three characteristic traits: conservative、humorous、polite.

Now British is still using mile but not meter which is used all over the world. One of the reasons that British are so conservative is that the English Channel cut off the connection between British and the outside because of its geography. And the second is that Britain is one of the a few countries that maintain the monarchy and its conservative evident is rooted in society. The majority of British people are unwilling to accept new things but old-fashioned conservative ideology.

Mr. Bean is a typical character that reflects the humor of the British. Most of the British possess self-mocking humor in their nature. Britain used to be the most powerful country in the world so that nothing can hinder them in British people’s view. That’s why they can take everything as a joke. British humor is world-famous.

When long-distance bus travel on the highway, regardless of age, each driver, without exception, hand gestures and the other to say hello, people feel warm. British’s politeness is from their long-aged habits and the world's oldest modern public management system. And their wealthy life also contributes the trait. Politeness is one of the most characteristic traits of British.

All in all, British are conservative、humorous、polite. And there are still many traits that exist in many British people. We should learn more about characters of British so that we can communicate with British better.

篇二:高中英语 幽默的作用(The Function of Humor)作文素材

幽默的作用(The Function of Humor)

Humor has become one of the most attractive characteristics a successful person must have nowadays, not only because it can bring laughter and happiness to people, but also because it shows a man‘s a bility.

A little joke can easily remove an unpleasant conflict, change the talking atmosphere and make it harmonious. Under such circum stances, businessmen can make a big deal and politicians can sign an agreement, which are good bases for future cooperation.Some humor enables people to feel bitterness from laughs, which we call "cold humor" or "black humor". At this time, humor is like a sharp sword, which may pierce people‘s heart. People may wipe sadtears after laughing and contemplate after the shock given by the story. It often appears in movies and novels.

Humor plays a great role on some important occasions, when a person, especially a great one, is judged from such a capacity. It can help leaders to point out. shortcomings or wrong behavior of his subordinates, without letting them feel embarrassed. So sometimes we also regard it as a certain kind of art. Humor is important in everyone‘s life, whoever he is. Because you can deal with all kinds of embarrassing occaslon with this special skill. Why not enrich your knowledge and become a man with a good sense of humor?



The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is “in”. A recent investigation shows that about 80 percent of pupils have private tutors. While private tutoring has both advantages and disadvantages, I feel that we should give more thoughts to its negative effects.

Such a popular practice clearly indicates that people are attaching greater importance to education. Many parents either missed the chance of obtaining a good education themselves or have been too busy with their own business. When their children meet with difficulties in study, they are helpless. Private tutoring seems to be the only solution. As private tutoring is usually given on the one-to-one basis, the teacher knows the strong points as well as the weak points of the pupil; and teaching is, in most cases, directly to the point. Private tutoring benefits a lot of pupils, indeed.

While on the other hand, private tutoring has its own disadvantages. For one thing, it takes up so much of the pupil’s time that they can hardly find enough time for rest or entertainment, which is essential for kids’ physical and mental health. Besides, some teachers, busy “shuttling” from one family to another, tend to neglect their regular teaching duties. What is more, some teachers are eager to help pupils do well on the test, offering the so-called tips for test-taking instead of helping them acquire

what is most needed.

Generally speaking, for private tutoring the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Greater emphasis should be laid on classroom teaching and regular practice, on the improvement of teaching quality and on the tapping of the pupil’s potentialities. As educators, teachers’ foremost responsibility is to encourage pupils to be curious about what is around the bend, over the horizon, and to show them the doors to knowledge are always wide open.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the following topic. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words and base your writing on the outline given below in Chinese. Write your essay on Answer Sheet 1.

1. 自信在学习、工作中的重要作用不言自明。

2. 自信完全不同于自负,它是建筑在个人学识、判断和才智基础之上的。

3. 许多学者和职业人士,都强调自信在人生道路中的关键作用,这对于们有一定的启示。

british humor 作文


Self-confidence is, without doubt, the most important factor for success in

school or at works.

The importance of self-confidence is self-evident. If we don’t feel self-confident about our ability, we will not be able to take up a task and get it done. If we don’t have confidence in our competence, we won’t be courageous enough to face up to a challenge. Only when we think we are capable of doing something, will we be able to succeed in doing that. Self-confidence is different from complacency. It is solidly based on our knowledge, judgment, abilities and skills. To develop it takes years of learning and to consolidate it needs years of practicing. Self-confidence means more than mental preparedness. It serves as an indication of professional readiness. It is also an expression of intellectual maturity. As we all know, many great people emphasize the crucial role of self-confidence as “the first requisite to great undertakings.” Dr. William

A. Nolen, a well-known American surgeon, believes it it self-confidence that makes a good surgeon. Walt Disney, the well-known American cartoonist, describes self-confidence as “the greatest of all secrets of making dreams come true.”

With self-confidence, we are able to firmly take each step in our journey of life and it is self-confidence that has been paving the way to the ultimate goal of our professional careers.


A Random Remark on Teaching Methods

I’ve noticed that there are, basically, two teaching methods existing in our educational insitutions today. One is the traditional lecture method our teachers are used to; the other is the group learning method adopted by many of our guest teachers at college.

In a lecture classroom, the teacher dominates the class by doing most of the talking. Students listen and take notes. The method is best at passing on content to students, whose brains are seen as vessels to be filled in. And the rigid class schedule helps prepare students for a society tht values discipline and self-control. But generally, students remain totally passive, given little responsibility for their own learning.

In contrast, the teacher of a group learning classroom appears to have no definite role at all, and students are not required to memorize any information. Instead, they are encouraged to actively generate their own ideas, each contributing insights for the success of the group. This method best prepares students for a society that values creative ideas. The disadvantage is, however, that students are apt to overemphasize practical experience, lacking in necessary basic skills and background knowledge. In my opinion, a “hybrid” method might work better. On the one hand, teachers should spend considerable time preparing their lessons but leave more room for students to display their creativeness. On the other,

teachers should provide more interactive activities in class---designing challenging group tasks and encouraging different opinions. It is important that teachers get themselves involved in the lives of their students, fully aware of what they think and what the society really needs. Only in this way can students become active yet well disciplined, creative yet self-controlled.


Why a Sense of Humor Is Important

A sense of humor, God’s greatest gift to mankind, is universally considered the most valuable personality asset. Everyone is born with it, but we still have to cultivate it. A person without humor is just like a spring without flowers. In a sense, your personality lies in your sense of humor.

Humor can enhance physical as well as mental well-being. It helps us bear our burdens, lessen our tension, overcome our frustration, relax our body muscles, and dissolve countless trifles and irritations. With a crack of joke, all our worries, sadness and tension and tiredness disperse like mist and smoke, and we are full of vim and vigor once again.

Humor helps us live in harmony with others. It is unavoidable to have misunderstanding and tension with others during work and study, but humor is a rubber sword—it allows you to make a point without drawing


Nothing Succeeds like the Appearance of Success

Everywinner has a winning image ,which is called charisma ,charm ,personality ,style, flair or grace. Is it possible for someone to succeed withoutdoing any hard work. The answer is certainly no.

As we know, a man who is successful have to be a man who had doneall the hard works he had to on his way to succeed, and overcome all the difficulties. He or she also have to be a person who has positive qualities which will help him a lot. For example, the famous basketball player whose name is Yaoming.

Did he overcome a lot of difficulties? Yes, he did for sure. As a basketball player,he practices everyday for many times, again and again, never stop, and nevergive up. For so many years, he has been keeping his mind. Finally, he became one of the most famous basketball player of the NBA. He proved his worthy and also proved his success.

Everyone who became successful like Yao Ming was just working hard like him.Every winner has their own stories. They all show that nothing succeeds like the appearance of succeeds.

How to win love

As we know, people are starved for love. They watch endless numbers of films about happy and unhappy love stories and listen to hundreds of trashy songs about love, yet hardly anyone considers that there is anything that needs to be learned about how to win love. Franklin had said that:” If you would be loved, love and be lovable.” I think he want to tell us that if you are going to love a boy or a girl, you must do two things, to love with your heart and to know how to be lovable.

Generally speaking, you should make yourself attractive and lovable, since love usually starts from physical attraction. To achieve this goal, you may develop pleasant manners, interesting conversation, to be helpful, modest and inoffensive. For further relationship, you must know that love is respect, wanting to help that person in any aspect of his or her live. You should make your lover feel safe with you, be proud of being with you and share hopes and dreams with you. That is to say, you will be together with your lover no matter what and continue on until the day you pass away. May love live forever!

Humor-A Pillow That Cushions the Blow

A sense of humor, God's greatest gift to mankind, is universally considered the most valuable personality. It is born within every person's heart,but has to be cultivated.A person without humor is just like a spring without flowers, or like a dish without seasoning. In a sense, your personality lies in your sense of humor.

On the one hand, humor can improve physical as well as mental well-being. It helps us bear our burdens, lessen our tension, overcome our frustration. With a piece of joke, all our worries and sadness disappear like smoke, and we are full of vigor once again.

On the other hand, Humor helps us live in harmony with others. It is unavoidable to have misunderstanding and tension with others during work and study. But humor can ease these problems quicker than angry words or quarrels. With it you can always keep on good terms with others.

A sense of humor is really one of the keys to happiness. It gives fun and zest to life to make it worth living.

My attitude towards life

Sometimes we feel that life is nice. Sometimes we think that life is hopeless. As far as we are concerned, it depends on our attitudes towards life. No matter what we meet, our attitudes towards life should be more positive, optimistic and so on.

Firstly, Helen Keller once said “Although word is full of suffering, it also full of overcoming of it”. So when we face difficulty, we still have to keep an optimistic attitude. We can’t go back or change a bad beginning, but we can create a successful ending. The positive attitude will guide people to make a right decision and create tremendous value of life.

Secondly, life is also a process of progress. We should find new challenges and opportunities now and then to keep us consistently moving ahead. In this way,our life will be more meaningful. What’s more, positive attitude towards life is very good for us. So when we want laugh, we laugh. When we want cry, we cry. But we can’t lose in life.

In conclusion, we should develop a positive attitude to life, and then we can live a better life. Although it is not easy for us to keep optimistic every time, we should go all out to reach it.



1. What's an 8-letter word that has only one letter in it? ( envelope)

2. Where is the biggest city in the world? ( on the map)

3. What is always going but never gets anywhere? (clock)

4. What man can't live inside a house? Snowman

5. Why did the boy make his dog sit in the sun? He wanted a hot dog.

6. What goes up when the rain comes down? Umbrella

7. You answer me, aithough I never ask you questions. What am I? Telephone

8. Which three numbers, when they are multiplied together, give the same answer as when they are

added? 1*2*3=1+2+3

9. If you drop a yellow hat in the Red See, what will it become? ( Wet hat )

10. When can you run as fast as a horse? (When I'm riding on horseback)

11. What relation would your father's sister's sister-in law be to you? ( Your mother)

12. Why are grandpa's false teeth like stars? ( They come out 被取出at night)